In coaching an Outlook student recently this is was the question posed when we were discussing the email he was holding onto…

I asked him “why do you have a folder entitled ‘Fred’, is he your boss or direct staff?”,

“No”, he replied

“Is this communication directly concerning work you are responsible for?”

“No, it is emails that Fred sends me (or I am copied on from Fred), but it is about what Fred is responsible for…” he replied

Finally I ask, “Why do you need to keep Fred’s emails?”

“I guess I don’t, never really thought about it that way…” he replied

My students constantly hear me say “Delete it if you really Mean it, Don’t delete it if YOU NEED IT”.   Needing it should mean that you are responsible for this information.

If you are responsible for information or communication that also means you are responsible for finding it when you need it.

Keeping everything in your email program may not be the best solution.  Organizing of data is whole other story…


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